Indiana Law Annotated Vol. 28 No. 9 (March 7, 2005)

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Jonathan Margolis, a top official at the State Department and head of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development, will speak to faculty and students at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 9, at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Simson Garfinkel, chief technology officer at Sandstorm Enterprises, will speak at noon on Thursday, March 10, in the Law School's faculty conference room. Students, staff, and faculty are invited. The doors will open at 11:30 a.m.; the talk begins at noon and ends at 1 p.m.


Career Services Presentation

The Career Services Office is hosting a presentation titled "Judicial Clerkships - Guidelines to Applying for Clerkships" from noon to 1 p.m. in room 123.


Strut Your Stuff on the Catwalk

Phi Alpha Delta's Annual Fashion Show needs models! They will have a model call-out meeting from noon to 1 p.m. in room 124. Please come support a good cause! PAD's fashion show collects clothing for donation to Goodwill. No prior experience is necessary. Some training will be provided. For more information, contact Jason Schnellenburger at

Summer Courses, Registration Meeting

There is a meeting from 12:30 p.m. to approximately 1 p.m. in room 121 for those who want to ask questions regarding any aspect of summer courses, registration, or how the process of applying for loans will work.

Women's Law Caucus to Hold Meeting

The Women's Law Caucus is holding a meeting at noon (location to be announced) for the purposes of wrapping up auction affairs, discussing the etiquette dinner, discussing scholarship applications, and additional matters. Applications for the WLC scholarship will be available at the meeting.


State Department Official to Speak at SPEA

Jonathan Margolis, a top official at the State Department and head of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development, will speak to faculty and students on "Moving from Words to Action: Charting a New Era on Sustainable Development Implementation" at 4:30 p.m. in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs atrium.


Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research's 2004-05 Speaker Series Continues

Professor Fred Cate, director of the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, is pleased to announce that Simson Garfinkel, chief technology officer at Sandstorm Enterprises, will be the noon speaker in the Law School's faculty conference room. Students, staff, and faculty are invited. The doors will be open at 11:30 a.m.; the talk begins at noon and ends at 1 p.m. There will be a question and answer period for about 15 minutes after the talk. Garfinkel will be speaking on the topic of "Aligning Security and Usability with Key Continuity Management." Secure e-mail has struggled with significant obstacles to adoption, among them the low usability of encryption software and the cost and overhead of obtaining public key certificates. Key continuity management (KCM) has been proposed as a way to lower these barriers to adoption by making key generation, key management, and message signing essentially automatic. Garfinkel will present the results of the first user study of KCM-secured e-mail, conducted on naive users who had no previous experience with secure e-mail.

Career Services Talk by Amy Yamashita

Amy Yamashita, former award-winning dean at the UCLA MBA School, now a consultant working out of Seattle, will speak to 1Ls and 2Ls on the art and science of interviewing and networking. Yamashita will present her remarks in PowerPoint form with handouts in the Moot Court Room from noon to 1 p.m. Pizza and soda will be provided to the first 140 students in the room. Don't miss this special opportunity to hear her insights!

BAR/BRI Representative to Answer Students' Questions

Richard Douglas from BAR/BRI will be available to answer students' questions about the New York Bar exam and the New York BAR/BRI course at 5:35 p.m. in room 125. The BAR/BRI course will be offered at the Law School this summer.


Former U.S. AID Worker Lecture

Barbara Junisbai, a second-year political science PhD student who previously worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development's Central Asia Regional Office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, will be giving a lecture from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. titled "The Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan: A Case Study in Economic Liberalization, Inter-Elite Cleavage and Political Opposition" in Ballantine 137.


Alumnus Zeft on Immigration Issues

Daniel Zeft, JD'93, will give two talks about immigration issues on Thursday, March 24, in room 125. At 6 p.m., Zeft will present "After Graduation: Immigration Issues and Options," in which he will discuss current immigration issues that foreign students face when staying in the United States. At 7 p.m., Zeft will present "New Business Ventures in the United States: Immigration Issues and Strategies for Foreign National Entrepreneurs and Employees," in which he will discuss immigration issues that may arise when foreign nationals (non-U.S. citizens) start new business ventures in the United States.

Student Law Association Sponsors Casino Night

The Student Law Association is sponsoring a Law School Casino Night to be held in the student lounge from 7 p.m. to midnight on Friday, April 1. If you are willing to participate as a dealer for any or all of the time, please reply to Jason Rodocker at for further details.

Green and Alumnus Baier to Speak at Hall Lecture

Thomas Green, the John P. Dawson Collegiate Professor of Law at the University of Michigan, will give a talk at the Hall Lecture at noon on Thursday, April 7, in the Moot Court Room. His talk is titled "Conventional Morality and the Rule of Law: Freedom, Responsibility and the Criminal Trial Jury in American Legal Thought, 1900-1960." Prior to the talk, real estate developer Lowell E. Baier, LLB'64, will speak about the substantial influence of former Law School faculty member Jerome Hall. Baier will also present a bust of Dr. Hall at the event. A reception will be held after the lecture.

Character and Fitness Requirements Informational Talk

Phi Delta Phi will welcome Judge Steven Heimann to the Moot Court Room at noon on Monday, April 11. Heimann is a member of the Indiana Board of Legal Examiners and will be taking questions from students regarding the character and fitness requirements for acceptance to the bar. The questions will be anonymous. Students are encouraged to drop their question off in the envelope marked "Character and Fitness Questions" on the Phi Delta Phi informational bulletin board across from the student lounge in the basement. Questions can be submitted until Wednesday, March 30. Pizza will be served at the talk.


Professor Kenneth Dau-Schmidt gave a presentation titled "Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace" to the Legal Advisory Committee of the Office of the General Counsel, AFL-CIO, in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 16.

Professor Fred Cate wrote an editorial response that was published in USA Today on Feb. 28. The newspaper's editorial view was titled "Few companies have to tell when identity thieves strike." Cate's opposing view was titled "Another notice isn't answer," which stated that a California law requiring businesses to notify consumers when the security of their personal data is breached is a poor substitute for real action to address identity theft.

Professor Fred Aman will speak at the first PTTP Public Lecture at the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto on March 9. He will give his lecture titled "The Changing Face of Regulatory Law in Globalized States and Markets."

Two of Professor Craig Bradley's works are cited in the recent juvenile death penalty case of Roper v. Simmons on pages 18, 19, and 21 of Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent. The case was decided March 1. The text of the dissent can be found at


Summer School Registration Schedule

Those students wishing to register for a B710, B706, B600, or B799 (Study Abroad Program) will be able to do so with our Recorder in room 022 on either Wednesday, March 9, or Wednesday, March 23.

Professor Geyh Sings for Summer Salaries; PILF Raises More Than $4,000

Many thanks to Professor Charles Geyh, who came prepared for his ascension to the PILF "Singing for Summer Salaries" stage. Decked out in stylish glasses and a feather boa, the talented troubadour trolled "Lawyers, Guns, and Money." More important than the discovery of this awesome talent is the fact that Professor Geyh's performance was the culmination of an event that raised more than $4,000 for PILF summer fellowships! This amount will be matched by the school. On behalf of PILF and the communities these summer fellowships will benefit, thanks so much to all of you who contributed to the cause.

1L Brief Binding Service Available Tuesday and Wednesday

1Ls can get their Legal Research and Writing briefs bound from 7 p.m. to midnight on Tuesday, March 8, and Wednesday, March 9. Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity will have a brief binding service set up in the Law School's second floor mail room. The cost per brief is $5, which is cheaper than Kinko's. Plus, law students know how their briefs should look, and we are open later than other copy shops in Bloomington. Save yourself time, trouble, and gas money! Contact Leslie at or Lisa at with questions.

Trial Team Competes at Mock Trial Competition

The Trial Team competed in the ATLA mock trial competition in Chicago on Feb. 25-27. Team members were Anthony Battaglia, Ryan Burns, Rene Castellanos, Veronica Fuks, Todd Gilbert, Latonia Lee, John O'Keefe, Angela Rapp, Justin Treasure, and Matt Wessel. Lee received the Distinguished Advocate Award. She and her partner Battaglia received a perfect score from one judge, the only team in the competition to achieve that honor.

Richardson and Johnson Win Moot Court Championship

The Sherman Minton Moot Court final round was terrific! The judges were Sarah Barker and Phil Simon, JD'87, from the U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Northern Districts of Indiana, respectively; Bruce Selya of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit; Michael Kanne, JD'68, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and our own Professor Don Gjerdingen. The finalists were Kim Richardson and Kellie Johnson for the Petitioners and Barry Hammond and Amy Strong for the Respondents. Richardson and Johnson were the winners of the final round. Congratulations to all the participants, to the current Moot Court Board for a great competition, and to Professor Seth Lahn, faculty advisor.

Swanky Ball Lives Up to Reputation

The Barrister's Ball lived up to its reputation as the swankiest event of the Law School social season. It was also distinguished by the BLSA "Person of the Year" award, which went to Gary Davis, JD'83, for his stellar work as the first chair of the BLSA Alumni Advisory Board.

Announcing the First Annual Law School Mock Trial Tournament

Impress your friends! Gain courtroom experience! Pad your resume! Plan now to participate in the first Law School Mock Trial Tournament to be held from Tuesday, March 29, to Sunday, April 3. The rules are simple. The tournament is open to all 2Ls (3Ls may compete only with special permission from Professor Alex Tanford). Find a partner, and sign up by e-mailing Tanford at with the names of both people. Then, go on to fame and fortune as the next Perry Mason. The rules and case file can be downloaded from

Indiana University Librarian's Association Bloomington Book Sale 2005

Bibliophiles will want to mark their calendars for the Indiana University Librarians Association (InULA) Annual Book Sale on Saturday, April 16, and Sunday, April 17, in the IU Bloomington Main Library, room E174. A $20 fee is required for admittance to the Preview Sale on Saturday, which will be held from 9 a.m. to noon. Admission is free from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Most books will be offered for reduced prices on Sunday: half-price from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and $2 per bag from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The sale will close from 2:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. InULA accepts book donations to the sale until Tuesday, April 12. All kinds of books are welcome, as well as journals/magazines, posters, audio cassettes, videos, and CDs. InULA will provide a letter of receipt to donors for tax purposes. Donations to the InULA book sale may be made by contacting Sherri Michaels at 855-9857,, or David Frasier at (Note: Please contact Michaels or Frasier before bringing any donations to the library.) A nonprofit organization, InULA supports professional development and continuing education for librarians and provides scholarships in the field of library and information science. For more information about the InULA Book Sale, contact Michaels or Liz Goldberg at

Scheduling Events

All e-mail about reserving classrooms must be sent to BL-LAW-EVENTS. Mail must be sent to the correct address, bl-law-events (for Outlook users) or (for non-Outlook users). Please include the date and time of event, the length of time room will be needed, the classroom requested, and the number of people attending the event. Requests should be sent at least one week before the event and should include the name of the person requesting, the organization planning the event, and an e-mail address. Confirmations will be sent by reply e-mail. Thank you!

Audio-Video Services

Requests for AV services may be sent to Beth at Please include the name of your group and the e-mail address of the contact person, a description of what you want to do, and the date, location, starting time, and duration of the event. Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance and will be confirmed by e-mail.


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