Indiana Law Annotated Vol. 20 No. 11 March 23, 2001

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A new class calendar for the Fall 2001 semester will include a fall break for the Law School during the week of October 22. The semester will begin on Wednesday, August 22. Thanksgiving week will remain as it has been in the past, with classes on Monday and Tuesday.

In order to make this new 13-week semester possible, classes will meet for approximately 55 minutes per credit hour. There will be a 10-minute break between regular classes, as now, so class starting times will no longer be the same. Please consult the new class schedule for details. The spring semester will start a few days later than usual and will of course still include a week for spring break. Specifics for the spring calendar are still being finalized.



The School of Law will host a conference on sustainable development and globalization on March 30- 31. The goal of the conference is to give substance to the otherwise elusive concept of sustainable development by asking what encouragement and what limitations sustainability places on the practices and institutions for the production and development of food for the world's people, focusing particularly on the use and ownership of genetically modified organisms and the effects of modernization on local, indigenous industries and economies.

. The first panel will introduce the issues by exploring the relationships among sustainability, modernization, globalization, international environmental and trade law, and the new agriculture. . A second panel will then examine the relation of genetically modified organisms and what David Conway has called the "Doubly Green Revolution" to sustainability. We will consider both the issues of agricultural ecology and the intellectual property and patent law issues developing particularly in relation to genetically modified foods. . A third panel will examine, more specifically, the relationship of the concept of sustainability to the governance of local, indigenous economies. How can such economies remain sustainable, and what is the impact of global technology development and international law on them? . And finally, an extended roundtable with all participants will seek to pull together the several strands developed in the panels and to define sustainable development in relation to the problem presented.

All papers will be published in the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Fall 2002 issue. For more information, visit the Law School's Web site at


On Thursday, March 29, at Noon, in Room 121, a number of faculty members will hold an informal question-and-answer session on course planning for any interested students. Any 1Ls or 2Ls with questions about course selection and curriculum planning in general should feel free to attend.


The Law/SPEA Organization will be hosting Melina Kennedy, on Wednesday, March 28, at 4 p.m. in Room 124. Ms. Kennedy is an assistant deputy mayor for policy development for Mayor Peterson of Indianapolis. She earned a law degree from IU Law--Bloomington and a masters of science in environmental science from SPEA in 1995. Before her current position in Mayor Peterson's office, she was an associate attorney at the law firm of Johnson Smith LLP and practiced primarily in the area of environmental law. She was a judicial law clerk to the Hon. Frank Sullivan Jr. of the Indiana Supreme Court from 1995 to 1997.

Ms. Kennedy will discuss her current position as assistant deputy mayor and her previous work experience. In addition, she will share her thoughts on how the joint degree has enhanced her career options. This is a great event for all those interested in environmental law and the public policy arena.


SALDF (Student Animal Legal Defense Fund) presents Mark Kruzan, Indiana Assembly representative, speaking on "The History of the Passage of Indiana's Animal Cruelty Legislation," Friday, March 30, 2:00 p.m., IU Law School, Room 121.

In the summer of 1997, four IU students deliberately trapped, tortured, doused in lighter fluid, and then set fire to five cats (all family pets), as well as small wildlife. This incident brought a serious problem to public attention, and was used to change the law, making Indiana one of 35 states to make animal torture and killing a Class D felony.


Did you know that those who commit serial or mass criminal violence often start with animals as "rehearsal" before moving on to abusing and killing people? Did you know that many abused women delay entering a shelter because they stay behind to protect beloved family pets from threats of torture and death by the abuser?

Please join us for this important talk, ask questions, and become involved.


The IU Law Drama Society will be performing their second annual spring play next week. The play is the classic legal drama "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial". Performance dates are Friday, March 30, and Saturday, March 31. Both nights the show starts at 8:00 p.m. and will be performed in the Law School's Moot Court Room. Tickets are $4.00 each and can be purchased in advance at the table set up by the Law Drama Society the week before the show during the lunch hour. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. The IU Law Drama Society wants to cordially invite everyone to join us for an exciting evening of live theater.


The Federalist Society is pleased to sponsor Professor Randy Barnett from Boston University, who will be speaking on Tuesday, April 3, at 12:15 p.m. in the Moot Court Room. He will speak on "An Originalism for Nonoriginalists," a topic he knows well since he wrote a law review article on it. Food and drinks will be provided. See you there.


Professor Kevin Brown's most recent article, "The Constitutionality of Racial Classifications in Public School Admissions," was published by Hofstra Law Review. The cite is 29 Hofstra Law Review 1 (2000). Part of the acknowledgment footnote included the following: "The Author would like to thank . . . the students in his Spring 2000 'Race, American Society and the Law' class for their assistance in the preparation of this Article." Brown would like to thank those students in that class again for their helpful suggestions.



Applications are now available in room 024 for the Glenn D. Peters Law School Scholarship Fund. Applicants must be permanent residents of the Northern District of Indiana for the United States District Court--this basically means north of Indianapolis. While financial need can be a factor, greater weight is assigned to academic achievement and involvement in quality extracurricular activities. Application deadline is June 1, 2001.


Dust off that seminar paper or that law journal note or perhaps even a moot court brief! There likely is some writing contest in the country that awaits your submission. Take a look at the bulletin board across the hallway from room 024 for descriptions of many of these contests. There is also a Web site dedicated to collecting all of these, at: Many of our former law students have won prizes, one for $4,000!!! A little extra work on your part could be profitable.


The summer schedule is online at



The Community Life Committee will present a program on Friday, 3/30/01, at noon in Room 125: "How To Lose A Summer Offer". This program is one in a series of programs relating to professionalism and ethics offered to 1Ls, but this program in particular is appropriate for any student who will be working in a professional environment this summer. The one-hour program will include a play depicting problems law students face when they start work, and a panel of practicing lawyers who will discuss pitfalls of summer clerkships.


OWLS TO MEET TUESDAY The OWLS will meet on Tuesday, March 27 at Noon in Room 120. The agenda will focus on 1L questions about the second year of law school. Also, if you are interested in running for President/Treasurer or Vice- President/Secretary for next year, please contact Kaarin Stahl (kamstahl) by Sunday, March 25.

ARE YOU FIT?: Unraveling the Mysteries of Character & Fitness

All current 3Ls, rising 3Ls, and any interested rising 2Ls please do not miss this frank and informative discussion. Whether you are taking the Indiana bar or any other state's bar, you will gain valuable knowledge about one of the most elusive aspects of the bar: character and fitness.

Please join BLSA as we host two members from the Indiana Bar who will address the issue of character and fitness from the perspective of the bar examiners, as well as answer your questions. Bring your Brown Bag, beverages will be provided to the first 50 attendees. Monday, March 26, 12:15-1:30 p.m., MOOT COURT ROOM. Bring a classmate. Please address any questions to


The Supreme Court of IUSA is now accepting applications for associate justices. You may find the application in the IMU, room 387 or online at Applications are due by Wed., April 4, at 5:00 p.m., so hurry and apply! All undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply. If you have any questions regarding the Supreme Court or the applications, please contact us at



Since acquiring the former Indiana Bar Review, the Indianapolis Bar Association (IBA) has combined its over 100 years of legal education service with the more than 40 years of Bar Review experience that the Indiana Bar Review offered. It's this expertise that makes The Indiana Multi-State Bar Review the right choice for preparing for this one-of-a-kind Bar Exam.

Other reasons to consider The Indiana Multi-State Bar Review include:

Competitive prices Each lecturer is available via email for questions as the bar exam approaches Lecturers on the Multi-State portions of the exam have passed those sections themselves

For further information, please visit the IBA's information table most Mondays and Wednesdays in the law school lobby during the lunch hour. The IBA, one of the leading bar associations in the country, has more then 3,500 judicial, lawyer, student, and paralegal members. The IBA is a not-for-profit organization committed to serving its members, and is a leader in providing legal education.


Beginning on Monday, March 26 the Housing Board on the ground floor across from the SLA Bookstore will be maintained by the Admissions Office. All information currently posted there will be removed. If you wish to post a housing notice, please provide the information to the Admissions Office, Room 230. The information will be put on the list of housing information sent out from the Office and posted on the board for you. There will be 3 categories of housing:

1. Fall information: Information from area landlords who have units available for the fall. 2. Roommate information: Information about students who are looking for roommates to share housing. 3. Sublet information: Information on apartments that are available for summer sublet.


Believe it or not, it is time to begin the planning for the graduation display for the lobby. As we have done in the past, we want to do a collage of pictures, memorabilia, and clippings regarding your three years of law school. We have already gathered a few things, but the real source of such items is all of you. We will return all the items to you following graduation. Here is what we would like to include:

Pictures (students, events, weddings, children) depicting some aspect of your lives while law students.

Memorabilia including law school tee shirts, cups, posters from events that occurred during the three years. Plaques, trophies, or awards won can be included.

Clippings from any newspaper article about you, a fellow third year, or the law school during the three years. These can be local paper clippings or from your hometown. Be sure to include what newspaper the article is from and the date of the article.

Anything that has significance to you, will fit in the display case, and is in reasonably good taste can be included.

Please get these items to us as soon as possible. Each item must have a completed form attached that includes your name and the address where you want it returned. You can pick up these forms at the Reference Desk or in the Library Office. For pictures, include who or what it is, and what year it was taken. All comments or reminiscences must be signed, although we will not necessarily use your name in the display. We reserve the right to omit any item if needed.

Please give items to the librarians in the reference office or to the assistant to the law library director. To insure that we have all the necessary information to return the items, do not just leave them in the office or at the circulation desk.


To schedule classrooms in the law building, send email to bl-law-events (for Outlook users) or bl- events-law@ (for non-Outlook users). Please include date and time of event, length of time room will be needed, classroom requested, and number of people attending event. Requests should be sent at least one week prior to event and include name of person requesting, organization planning the event, and an e-mail address. Confirmations will be sent by reply e-mail.


Requests for AV services may be sent to Beth at Please include the name of your group and the e-mail address of the contact person, a description of what you want to do, and the date, location, starting time, and duration of the event. Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance and will be confirmed by e-mail.


Monday, March 26:

Are You Fit? 12:15 p.m., Moot Court Room.

Tuesday, March 27:

OWLS Meeting, Noon, Room 120.

Wednesday, March 28:

Melina Kennedy, 4:00 p.m. in Room 124.

Thursday, March 29:

Curriculum Planning with Faculty, Noon, in Room 121.

Friday, March 30:

Sustainable Development Conference, 8: 30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Moot Court Room.

Mark Kruzan presented by SALDF, 2:00 p.m., Room 121.

The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, 8:00 p.m., Moot Court Room.

Saturday, March 31:

Sustainable Development Conference, 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Moot Court Room.

The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, 8:00 p.m., Moot Court Room.

Sunday, April 1:

Indiana Bar Application mailing deadline.

Monday, April 2:

Fall 2001 Registration for current 2L and International students.

Tuesday, April 3:

Fall 2001 Registration for current 1L students.

Randy Barnett Speech, 12:15 p.m., Moot Court Room.

June 1:

Peters Scholarship Application Deadline

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