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Faculty Information

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While preparing for class or final exams students may have a need to contact an individual faculty member or view their course Web site.  Students can also see what a faculty member has written through the Law Library’s faculty bibliography. 

Conference Rooms

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Reserve a conference room for your study group. Reservation forms are available at the circulation desk.

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Study Aids

There are a number of resources available through the Law Library to assist law students in preparing for classes and taking final exams. Books such as hornbooks and nutshells may help students to understand complex legal concepts. Students can work through online lessons on a legal subject through CALI. Faculty will frequently put supplemental readings on reserve and these will be available to students either through the electronic reserve system or at the circulation desk. Finally, when preparing for final exams, students may have access to past exams through the online exam file.

1L Study Aids

The Law Library has compiled a selection of restatements of the law, nutshells, hornbooks, and treatises that may help to clarify or explain some of the legal issues being discussed in your classes. This list is merely a starting point. Your professors, the reference librarians, or your classmates may have additional suggestions for supplementary or explanatory reading. A comprehensive list of current hornbooks and nutshells is also available at the circulation desk. View 1L Study Aids.

Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

The Law School is a member of CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction). CALI offers online lessons in over 30 different legal subjects for students reviewing course content. There are CALI lessons covering all subjects in the first year curriculum. Contact mbotek [at] indiana [dot] edu (Michelle Trumbo) if you need assistance on how to access CALI.

Exam File

The Library maintains a collection of past Law School exams for students to review. Whether or not old exams for a particular course are kept in the Library exam file is the decision of the individual faculty member teaching the course. Law School exams are also available through the Library’s Web site. Because it is available exclusively to IU Law School students and faculty through the web, it is password protected. For security purposes, the password is changed each semester. If you need the password, contact rbertolo [at] indiana [dot] edu (Rebecca Bertoloni-Meli), Head of Circulation, or a reference librarian. If you already know the username and password, please continue to the Exam File.

Print Reserves

The Library’s Print Reserves include books and other course materials that are not available in an electronic format. All materials on course reserve circulate for four hours and are available at the circulation desk. The Library also maintains a permanent reserve collection of hornbooks, nutshells, copies of the Bluebook, Federal Court Rules, Indiana Rules of Court, unbound periodicals, and advance sheets. Permanent reserve materials generally circulate for 24 hours.