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Cindy DabneyAdventures of a New Law Librarian

Greetings!  I am the new Outreach Services librarian, and I wanted to introduce myself and share some first impressions about IU.  I’m fresh from library school at the University of Washington, which I went to straight out of law school (University of New Mexico), so I’m right at home in the academic setting, but still getting used to a role other than student.  Aside from the prerequisite long walks on the beach, I like movies, karaoke, WWE, ponies, card games, Gilbert & Sullivan, and rap music. Full Story


Subscription to CCH Content Greatly Expands Library’s Online Offerings

This Fall, the Law Library subscribed to two extensive online databases from the legal content provider, CCH (Commerce Clearing House).  The first database is the CCH Business Internet Library.  It includes 80 unique titles such as the Blue Sky Law Reporter, the Blue Sky Law Desk Reference, the Federal Securities Law Reporter, and several databases relating to the New York Stock Exchange.  The second database is the CCH Health and Human Resources (HR) Internet Library.  It includes 56 unique titles such as the HIPAA Privacy Guide, the Medical Devices Reporter, Wages & Hours Reports, and the Healthcare Compliance Portfolio.  Both of these CCH mega-databases are good sources for primary and editorial content in the areas they cover.  Furthermore, the editorial content from these databases is not available on Lexis and Westlaw. Full Story


New & NoteworthyNew & Noteworthy:  Most Popular Theatrical Videos

For years the library has annually purchased a small number of films that loosely pertain to the law.  We do this for two reasons – to have examples of how the law is portrayed in popular culture, and to provide our patrons with some materials which will help them escape from the daily rigors of law school. Full Story

GoogleThe Law Student and the Google

It is my first time teaching here at IU, but one of the first things that I noticed is that, given the option of searching any database for a legal document, many students choose Google.  This is a fairly common trend today, for obvious reasons.  Google is really easy—it is one catch-all search box, and the user does not have to know what he is searching for.  A couple of keywords thrown into the database almost invariably bring back something relevant.  However, there are a few pitfalls, especially when it comes to legal research, and the savvy student should be aware of them. Full Story

Hein OnlineAmerican Law Institute Collection Added to HeinOnline

In recent months, HeinOnline has begun to add archival materials from the American Law Institute. Already available are full runs of the Institute’s annual reports, proceedings, annual meeting speeches, and the Institute’s newsletter, The ALI Reporter. These series can help greatly in conducting research into Institute projects and publications going back to the organization’s founding. The ALI Collection will eventually contain the complete Restatement of the Law series including all the preliminary documents leading up to their publication. Currently available are the Restatement of the Law of Torts 2nd and the Restatement of the Law of Contracts 2nd. Restatement of the Law of Trusts 2nd will be released shortly. Full Story and GlobaLex: Research Guides on the Internet

Over the past five years, the Internet has become a tremendous source of both primary and secondary source material for foreign and international legal research. There is now a wealth of material available in electronic format, often quite authoritative, and in many cases free for the asking. Unfortunately, the Internet is a disorganized, even chaotic medium, so success in using it to locate source material requires efficient search strategies. Full Story


Suggestion BoxSuggestion Box

Suggestion:  I think we should have video game systems in the Library for those hour long breaks between class.  My preference would be a Nintendo Wii, but I will settle for a Playstation (3).

Response:  Have you ever considered studying during those hour long breaks between class?  Although we do go to great lengths to make the Library a comfortable place for law students, I doubt that we will be purchasing any game systems in the near future!  I know this is really low tech, but have you ever thought about the game boards that are in the Student Lounge (at least there used to be several stored in the cabinets down there)?  If you really get desperate for entertainment, we do have movies available for check-out at the circulation desk.  

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