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Faculty Publications

Timothy William Waters
Professor of Law; Associate Director, Center for Constitutional Democracy
  1. Group Thinking: Antique Models of Community for Modern Religious Rights Regimes, in THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMAN RIGHTS PAPERS (Mofid University, forthcoming).
  2. THE MILOŠEVIĆ TRIAL: AN AUTOPSY (Ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.

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  5. “The Momentous Gravity of the State of Things Now Obtaining”: Annoying Westphalian Objections to the Idea of Global Governance, 16 INDIANA JOURNAL OF GLOBAL LEGAL STUDIES 25 (2009). [HeinOnline]

  6. Assuming Bosnia: Taking the Polity Seriously in Ethnically Divided Societies, in DECONSTRUCTING THE RECONSTRUCTION: HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE RULE OF LAW IN POSTWAR BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (Dina Francesca Haynes, Ed.). Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2008.

  7. The Blessing of Departure: Acceptable and Unacceptable State Support for Demographic Transformation:  The Lieberman Plan to Exchange Populated Territories in Cisjordan, 2 LAW & ETHICS OF HUMAN RIGHTS 221 (2008).

  8. A Different Departure: A Reply to Shany’s “Redrawing Maps, Manipulating Demographics: On Exchange of Populated Territories and Self-Determination”, 2 LAW & ETHICS OF HUMAN RIGHTS 311 (2008).

  9. Book Review. Killing Globally, Punishing Locally?: The Still-Unmapped Ecology of Atrocity, Drumbl, M., Atrocity, Punishment, and International Law, 55 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 1331 (2008).

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  11. Kosovo: The Day After, OPENDEMOCRACY (February 18, 2008).

  12. Overview: Design and Reform of Public Prosecution Services, in PROMOTING PROSECUTORIAL ACCOUNTABILITY, INDEPENDENCE AND EFFECTIVENESS: COMPARATIVE RESEARCH (Timothy William Waters and Belinda Cooper, Eds.) Sofia, Bulgaria: Open Society Institute Sofia, 2008.

  14. Reconsidering Dhimmah as a Model for Regulating Minorities, with Some Implications for Human Rights, in THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS (M. Modjandeh, Ed.). Mofid University, 2007.

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  25. Return from Exile, Return to Politics: Leadership, Political Mobilization and National Identity among the Crimean Tatars, 44 THE UKRAINIAN REVIEW 42 (1997).

  26. “Two Souls to Struggle with....”: The Failing Implementation of Hungary’s New Minorities Law and Discrimination Against Gypsies (with Rachel Guglielmo), 9 HARVARD HUMAN RIGHTS JOURNAL 297 (1996). [HeinOnline] Reprinted in J. Micgiel, (Ed.), STATE AND NATION BUILDING IN EAST CENTRAL EUROPE (1996).

  27. Kings without Countries: Problems in the Formation of a Gypsy National Identity, 6 JOURNAL OF PUBLIC AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS 24 (1995).