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Faculty Publications

Robert Lewis Birmingham
Associate Professor of Law
  1. Integration and Economic Development, 1965 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LAW FORUM 781.

  2. Book Review.  Franck, T. (Ed.), Why Federations Fail:  An Inquiry Into the Requisites for Successful Federalism, 7 COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL LAW 362 (1968).

  3. Legal and Moral Duty in Game Theory:  Common Law Contract and Chinese Analogies, 18 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 99 (1968).

  4. The Consumer as King:  The Economics of Precarious Sovereignty, 20 CASE WESTERN RESERVE LAW REVIEW 354 (1969).

  5. Damage Measures and Economic Rationality:  The Geometry of Contract Law, 1969 DUKE LAW JOURNAL 49.

  6. Economic Integration in East Africa:  Distribution of Gains, 9 VIRGINIA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 408 (1969).

  7. The Growth of the Law:  Decision Theory and the Doctrine of Consideration, 55 ARCHIV FÜR RECHTS UND SOZIALPHILOSOPHIE 467 (1969).

  8. A Second Look at the Suez Canal Cases:  Excuses for Nonperformance of Contractual Obligations in the Light of Economic Theory, 20 HASTINGS LAW JOURNAL 1393 (1969).

  9. Breach of Contract, Damage Measures and Economic Efficiency, 24 RUTGERS LAW REVIEW 273 (1970).

  10. The Generality of Neutral Principles:  A Game-Theory Perspective, 58 CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 873 (1970).

  11. Legal Remedies for Overurbanization:  The Ghanaian Experience (with Carolyn S. Birmingham), 18 UCLA LAW REVIEW 252 (1970).

  12. A Model of Criminal Process:  Game Theory and Law, 56 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 57 (1970).

  13. The Theory of Economic Policy and the Law of Torts, 55 MINNESOTA LAW REVIEW 1 (1970).

  14. The Neutrality of Adherence to Precedent, 1971 DUKE LAW JOURNAL 541.