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Faculty Publications

John Andrew Bauman
Associate Professor of Law, 1954-1960
  1. Judicial Control of Administration Action by Means of the Extraordinary Remedies in Minnesota (with Stefan A. Riesenfeld and Richard C. Maxwell), 33 MINNESOTA LAW REVIEW 569 (1949). [HeinOnline]  Reprinted in 36 MINNESOTA LAW REVIEW 435 (1952).

  2. Amendments to Rule 12 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 26 NORTH DAKOTA BAR BRIEFS 235 (1950). [HeinOnline]

  3. Book Review.  Clark, C., Cases on Modern Pleading, 52 COLUMBIA LAW REVIEW 1076 (1952). [HeinOnline]

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  5. Book Review.  Patterson, E., Jurisprudence:  Men and Ideas of the Law, 2 UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS LAW REVIEW 223 (1953). [HeinOnline]

  6. Book Review.  Schulman, H. and James, F., Cases and Materials on the Law of Torts, 5 JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION 555 (1953). [HeinOnline]

  7. Summary Judgement:  The Texas Experience, 31 TEXAS LAW REVIEW 866 (1953). [HeinOnline]

  8. Evolution of the Summary Judgement Procedure: An Essay Commemorating the Centennial Anniversary of Keating's Act, 31 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 329 (1956). [HeinOnline]

  9. CASES AND MATERIALS ON REMEDIES (with K. York).  St. Paul:  West Publishing Co., 1957.

  10. Film Review.  A Pre-Trial Conference, 10 JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION 516 (1958). [HeinOnline]

  11. Rationale of Summary Judgement, 33 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 467 (1958). [HeinOnline]