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Faculty Publications

Jody Madeira
Professor of Law and Louis F. Niezer Faculty Fellow
  1. Aborted Emotions: Regret, Relationality, and Regulation, 21 MICHIGAN JOURNAL OF GENDER & LAW 1 (2014). [HeinOnline]
  2. Clear and Ever-Present Dangers?: Redefining "Closure" in a Post-9-11 World in CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: A HAZARD TO A SUSTAINABLE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM? (L. Scherdin, Ed.). Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2014.
  3. I'm Still Left Here With the Pain: Exploring the Health Consequences of Homicide on Families and Friends (with J. M. Mastrocinque, et. al.), HOMICIDE STUDIES (June 2014). [PDF]
  4. Selling ART or Selling Out?: A Response to Selling ART: An Empirical Assessment of Advertising on Fertility Clinics' Websites, 88 Indiana Law Journal 1181 (2013).
  5. The Visibly Offensive Offender: A Semiotic Phenomenology of an Execution in LAW, CULTURE AND VISUAL STUDIES (A. Wagner and R. K. Sherwin, Eds.). Dordrecht: Springer, 2013.
  7. Woman Scorned?: Resurrecting Infertile Women's Decision-Making Autonomy, 71 MARYLAND LAW REVIEW 339 (2012). [HeinOnline]
  8. The Family Capital of Capital Families: Investigating Empathic Connections Between Jurors and Defendants' Families in Death Penalty Cases, 2011 MICHIGAN STATE LAW REVIEW 858 (2011). [HeinOnline]
  9. Conceivable Changes: Effectuating Infertile Couples' Emotional Ties to Frozen Embryos Through New Disposition Options, 79 UMKC LAW REVIEW 315 (2010). [HeinOnline]
  10. 'Why Rebottle the Genie?': Capitalizing on Closure in the Capital Punishment Context, 85 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 1477 (2010). [HeinOnline]

  11. When it's so Hard to Relate: Can the Legal System Mitigate the Trauma of Victim-Offender Relationships, 46 HOUSTON LAW REVIEW 401 (2009). [SSRN]

  12. Blood Relations: Collective Memory, Cultural Trauma, & the Prosecution & Execution of Timothy McVeigh, 45 STUDIES IN LAW, POLITICS & SOCIETY 75 (2008). [SSRN]

  13. Book Review. Beck, Elizabeth, et. al. In the Shadow of Death: Restorative Justice and Death Row Families, 10 PUNISHMENT & SOCIETY 482 (2008).[PDF]
  14. Book Review. Sharp, S. F., Hidden Victims: The Effects of the Death Penalty on Families of the Accused, 32 CRIMINAL JUSTICE REVIEW 80 (2007). [PDF]
  15. The Execution as Sacrifice, in EVIL, LAW AND THE STATE: PERSPECTIVES ON STATE POWER AND VIOLENCE (John T. Parry, Ed.). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Editions Rodopi B.V., 2006.

  16. Lashing Reason to the Mast: Understanding Judicial Constraints on Emotion in Personal Injury Litigation, 40 U.C. DAVIS LAW REVIEW 137 (2006). [HeinOnline]

  17. Recognizing Odysseus' Scar: Reconceptualizing Pain and its Empathic Role in Civil Adjudication, 34 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 41 (Fall 2006). [HeinOnline]

  18. Regarding Pained Sympathy and Sympathy Pains: Reason, Morality, and Empathy in the Civil Adjudication of Pain, 58 SOUTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW 415 (2006). [HeinOnline]

  19. A Constructed Peace: Narratives of Suture in the News Media, 19 CANADIAN JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIETY 93 (2004). [HeinOnline]

  20. Rebuilding the Closet: Bowers v. Hardwick, Lawrence v. Texas, and the Mismeasure of Homosexual Historiography, 8 RICHMOND JOURNAL OF LAW AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST 1 (2004).

  21. Law as a Reflection of Her/His-Story: Current Institutional Perceptions of, and Possibilities for, Protecting Transsexuals' Interests in Legal Determinations of Sex, 5 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 128 (2002). [HeinOnline]