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Faculty Publications

Elvis J. Stahr, Jr.
President of Indiana University and Professor of Law
  1. Book Review. Orfield, L. B., Criminal Procedure From Arrest to Appeal, 36 KENTUCKY LAW JOURNAL 491 (1948).

  2. Book Review. Tracy, J. E., The Successful Practice of Law, 36 KENTUCKY LAW JOURNAL 252 (1948).

  3. Constitutionality of Certain Indirect Approaches to Raising the Assessment Level, 13 KENTUCKY STATE BAR JOURNAL 38 (1948).

  4. Challenge of the Critical Century (address), 13 KENTUCKY STATE BAR JOURNAL 113 (1949).

  5. Book Review. Frank, J., Courts on Trial: Myth and Reality in American Justice, 38 KENTUCKY LAW JOURNAL 643 (1950).      

  6. The Constitution Review Commission of Kentucky, 39 KENTUCKY LAW JOURNAL 6 (1950).  Reprinted in 15 KENTUCKY STATE BAR JOURNAL 18 (1950).   

  7. Book Review. Millar, R. W., Civil Procedure of the Trial Court in Historical Perspective, 41 KENTUCKY LAW JOURNAL 492 (1953).

  8. Kentucky's Law Scholarships, 19 KENTUCKY STATE BAR JOURNAL 102 (1955).

  9. University of Kentucky College of Law, 20 KENTUCKY STATE BAR JOURNAL 163 (1956).

  10. WORKING TOGETHER (address delivered at a public meeting of the West Virginia Association of College and University Presidents).  Charleston, WV:  Education Foundation, 1960.

  11. INAUGURAL ADDRESS OF ELVIS J. STAHR, JR.:  PRESIDENT OF INDIANA UNIVERSITY. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1962.

  12. STATE OF THE UNIVERSITY. Bloomington: Indiana University, 1966.