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Faculty Publications

David V. Snyder
Professor of Law, 2002-2004
  1. Language and Formalities in Commercial Contracts: A Defense of Custom and Conduct, 54 SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 617 (2001). [HeinOnline]

  2. The Law of Contract and the Concept of Change: Public and Private Attempts to Regulate Modification, Waiver, and Estoppel, 1999 WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW 607 (1999). [HeinOnline]

  3. Book Review. Roman Law After the Fall of Rome, Stein, P., Roman Law in European History, H-NET REVIEWS IN THE HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES < > (Oct. 25, 1999).

  4. Comparative Law in Action: Promissory Estoppel, the Civil Law, and the Mixed Jurisdiction, 15 ARIZONA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LAW 695 (1998). Reprinted in LOUISIANA: MICROCOSM OF A MIXED JURISDICTION (Vernon V. Palmer ed., Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press 1999)

  5. The Case of Natural Obligations, 56 LOUISIANA LAW REVIEW 423 (1995).

  6. Ancient Law and Modern Eyes, 69 TULANE LAW REVIEW 1631 (1995).

  7. Possession: A Brief for Louisiana’s Rights of Succession to the Legacy of Roman Law, 66 TULANE LAW REVIEW 1853 (1992).

  8. Comment, Disclosure of Medical Information Under Louisiana and Federal Law, 65 TULANE LAW REVIEW 169 (1990).

  9. Recent Development, Coliseum Square Association v. City of New Orleans: Streets for Rent, or Public Things and the Doctrine of Inalienability, 64 TULANE LAW REVIEW 1280 (1990)

  10. Closing the Deal in Contracts: Introducing Transactional Skills in the First Year, 34 UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO LAW REVIEW 689 (2003)

  11. FORMS UNDER REVISED ARTICLE 9 (with others) Chicago: American Bar Association, 2002.