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Faculty Publications

Carole Silver


Professor of Law, 2010-2013
  1. Taxation of Foreign-Earned Income In Kind: Henry Taxpayer Goes to Japan, 54 INDIANA LAW JOUNAL 481 (1979). [HeinOnline]

  2. CLOSELY HELD CORPORATIONS, 1981 supplement (contributor) (George Brode, Ed.) Springfield: Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1981.
  3. Fair Dealing Comes of Age in the Regulation of Going Private Transactions, 9
  4. Are Targets of SEC Investigations Entitled to Notice of Subpoenas Issued to Third Parties?, 1983-1984 PREVIEW OF UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT CASES 531 (1984).
  5. Penalizing Insider Trading: A Critical Assessment of the Insider Trading Sanctions Act of 1984, 1985 DUKE LAW JOURNAL 960 (1985).
  6. Federal Regulation of Tender Offers: Does It Depend upon Nondisclosure?, 1984-1985 PREVIEW OF UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT CASES 301 (1985).
  7. Models of Quality for Third Parties in Alternative Dispute Resolution, 12 OHIO STATE JOURNAL ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION 37 (1996). [HeinOnline]
  8. Globalization and the U.S. Market in Legal Services – Shifting Identities, 31 LAW AND POLICY IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 1093 (2000). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]
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  10. Adventures in Comparative Legal Studies: Studying Singapore, 51 JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION 75 (2001). [HeinOnline]
  11. Of Brain Surgeons and Barber Shops: The Economic Consequences of MDPs on the Legal Profession (with Bryant Garth), in MULTIDISCIPLINARY PRACTICES AND PARTNERSHIPS: LAWYERS, CONSULTANTS AND CLIENTS (Stephen McGarry, Ed.). New York: American Lawyer Media, 2002.
  12. The MDP Challenge in the Context of Globalization (with Bryant Garth), 52 CASE WESTERN RESERVE LAW REVIEW 903 (2002). [HeinOnline]
  13. The Case of the Foreign Lawyer: Internationalizing the U.S. Legal Profession, 25 FORDHAM INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL 1039 (2002). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]
  14. Transnational Legal Practice: Cross-Border Legal Services: 2002 Year-in-Review (with Philip Von Mehren et al.), 37 INTERNATIONAL LAWYER 987 (2003). [HeinOnline]
  15. Regulatory Mismatch in the International Market for Legal Services, 23 NORTHWESTERN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW & BUSINESS 487 (2003). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]
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  18. Regulating International Lawyers: The Legal Consultant Rules, 27 HOUSTON JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 527 (2005). [HeinOnline]
  19. Translating the U.S. LLM Experience: The Need for a Comprehensive Examination (with Mayer Freed), 101 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW COLLOQUY 23 (2006).
  20. Internationalizing U.S. Legal Education: A Report on the Education of Transnational Lawyers, 14 CARDOZO JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATICE LAW 143 (2006). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]
  21. Local Matters: Internationalizing Strategies for U.S. Law Firms, 14 INDIANA JOURNAL OF GLOBAL LEGAL STUDIES 67 (2007). [HeinOnline]
  22. Flattening the World of Legal Services? The Ethical and Liability Minefields of
    Offshoring Legal and Law-Related Services
    (with Mary Daly), 38 GEORGETOWN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 401 (2007). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]
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  25. Transnational Legal Practice (with Laurel S. Terry, et al.), 43 INTERNATIONAL LAWYER 943 (2009). [SSRN]
  26. Educating Lawyers for the Global Economy: National Challenges, KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW (2009).
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  28. Transnational Legal Practice: 2009 (with Laurel Terry and Ellyn Rosen), 44 INTERNATIONAL LAWYER 563 (2010).
  29. What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us: The Need for Empirical Research in Regulating Lawyers and Legal Services in the Global Economy, 43 AKRON LAW REVIEW 1009 (2010). [HeinOnline]
  30. The Variable Value of U.S. Legal Education in the Global Legal Services Market,
  31. States Side Story: Career Paths of International LL.M. Students or "I Like to Be in America", 80 FORDHAM LAW REVIEW 2383 (2012). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]
  32. Book Review. Steele and Taylor, Legal Education in Asia: Globalization, Change and Contexts, 61 JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION 691 (2012). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]