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Brian J. Broughman Law Library

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Faculty Publications

Brian J. Broughman
Associate Professor of Law
  1. Law and Economics, Empirical Dimensions (with K.G. Dau-Schmidt) in THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, 2nd ed. (J.D. Wagner, et. al., Eds.). New York: Elsevier, Forthcoming 2015.
  2. Delaware Law as Lingua Franca: Theory and Evidence (with J. M. Fried and D. M. Ibrahim) 57 JOURNAL OF LAW AND ECONOMICS 865 (2014).
  3. Carrots & Sticks: How VCs Induce Entrepreneurial Teams to Sell Startups (with J. M. Fried), 98 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 1319 (2013). [HeinOnline]
  4. Do VCs Use Inside Rounds to Dilute Founders? Some Evidence from Silicon Valley (with J. M. Fried), 18 JOURNAL OF CORPORATE FINANCE 1104 (2012) [Journal Website]
  5. Independent Directors and Board Control in Venture Finance, 9 REVIEW OF LAW AND ECONOMICS 41 (2013).
  6. Charity and Information: Correcting the Failure of a Disjunctive Social Norm (with R. Cooter), 43 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN JOURNAL OF LAW RERORM 871 (2010). [HeinOnline]
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  9. The Role of Independent Directors in Startup Firms, 2010 UTAH LAW REVIEW 461 (2010). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]
  10. Charity, Publicity and the Donation Registry (with Robert Cooter), THE ECONOMISTS’ VOICE Vol. 2: No. 3, Article 4 (2005).