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The Legal Profession

Group Project Number 3 (graded)

Each Practice Group will do one of the following problems, which consist of approximately 25 to 30 pages of reading.

Detailed instructions for the problem, including grading information, are contained in this memorandum. The electronic grading rubric can be accessed through the following links:

Day 34: Advocates' and Mediators' Ethical Dilemma in Mediation
  • Eberly Group [PDF]
  • Dummett Group [PDF]
  • Hagerman Group [PDF]
Henderson A.M.
  • Ali Group [PDF]
  • Mason Group [PDF]
  • Rajagopal Group [PDF]
Henderson P.M.
  • Goodman Group [PDF]
  • Vilensky Group [PDF]
  • Abbey Group [PDF]
  • Wroblewski Group [PDF]
Day 35: Must a Prosecutor Play by Different Rules?
  • Flaherty Group [PDF]
  • Howton Group [PDF]
  • O'Neill Group [PDF]
Henderson A.M.
Henderson P.M.
  • Johnson Group [PDF]
  • Metzger Group [PDF]
  • Ransdell Group [PDF]
Day 36: Advising a Corporate Client That has Made a Mistake
  • Day Group [PDF]
  • Kridel Group [PDF]
Henderson A.M.
Henderson P.M.
  • Homolka Group [PDF]
  • Van Dalen Group [PDF]