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Faculty Workshop Series
Summer, 2014

Workshops are held most Wednesdays at noon in the Faculty Conference Room.

Weds, May 14

The Problem of Shared Irresponsibility in International Climate Law

Weds, May 21

The Costs of Mandatory Cost-Benefit Analysis in SEC Rulemaking

Weds, Jun 4

Post-Snowden Fourth Amendment Considerations

Weds, Jun 11

Accounting Firms as Transnational Networks: Testing the Viability of 'Enterprise Jurisdiction'

Weds, Jun 25

Which Cases Settle? A Large-Scale Empirical Study of U.S. Tax Court Cases

Weds, Jul 9

Disclosing Big Data

Weds, Jul 16

Standing to Appeal Under Article III: A Course Correction

Weds, Jul 23

Human Dignity in U.S. Supreme Court's Decisions on Capital Punishment: A View From Europe

Weds, Jul 30

The Use, Abuse, and Future of Political Process Theory

Weds, Aug 6

CEO Side-Payments in M&A Deals

Weds, Aug 13

Can’t We Be Your Neighbor?: Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and the Resistance to Blacks as Neighbors

Weds, Aug 20

Roads High and Low: Pathways to, and from, Scottish Secession