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JD / MBA Joint Degree Program

Why Earn a JD/MBA Joint Degree?

Professionals preparing for today's business world need an education that balances substance with experience. The study of law prepares you to recognize and evaluate complex issues with careful thought and analysis — how to "think like a lawyer." The study of business prepares you to solve complex problems in the context of real-world business settings.

When combined as a cross-discipline course of study, a JD and an MBA complement each other in a synergistic way, where the sum is greater than each of its parts. By earning both a JD and an MBA, you will strike the perfect balance between technical and practical skills.

Law|Street has ranked Indiana Law's JD/MBA program #8 in the country as of August 2015.

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Indiana University offers a wide variety of joint business and law programs to help you achieve your particular educational and professional goals. While this website focuses on the more traditional JD/MBA programs, all of the following joint programs are available at IU-Bloomington:

Degree Years Description
JD/MBA 3 or 4 JD and MBA at Bloomington
JD/MBA 4 JD at Bloomington; MBA at Sungkyunkwan (SKK) University, Seoul, South Korea
JD/MBAA 4 JD + MBA at Accounting in Bloomington
JD/MSA 4 JD + MS at Accounting in Bloomington

Regardless of which program you pursue, the Maurer School of Law and the Kelley School of Business will work with you individually to provide the flexibility to choose the courses and experiences that meet your goals for specialization(s).