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Admission: JD/MBA Joint Degree Program

Prospective Students

Applicants to the JD/MBA program must apply to the Maurer School of Law and the Kelley School of Business separately. Thus, applicants must meet the requirements for admission to both the JD and MBA programs. Applicants must inform both schools of their intention to pursue the four-year and/or three-year JD/MBA program(s).

Current JD Students

Current JD students at the Maurer School of Law may enter the JD/MBA program by applying for admission to the Kelley School of Business before the end of their second year of legal study. MBA students enrolled in the Kelley School of Business may apply for admission to the Maurer School of Law no later than the end of their first year of business classes.

Special Admissions Program for Joint JD/MBA Students

Under this program, students applying to both the Law School and the Kelley School’s MBA program – or first-year MBA students applying to the Law School – are not required to take the LSAT, but may be admitted on the basis of undergraduate records and GMAT scores. The LSAT waiver is available only to candidates successfully admitted to the MBA program, and not to applicants who wish to be considered for admission to the law school independent of the joint-degree program.

Applicants must complete the regular Law School application form and submit a personal statement, letters of recommendation and undergraduate transcript, as well as a graduate transcript outlining any work already completed in the MBA program. Applicants are also asked to interview with our Admissions Office.

This is an experimental program which is closely monitored; it may be discontinued should it be determined that admissions criteria on which it relies are flawed. Three students have matriculated via this program, two in 2010 and one in 2011. (No students matriculated in 2012, 2013, or 2014.)

Admission to the Law School through this program does not require the submission of an LSAT score; however, applicants do have the option of taking the LSAT. Students may wish to have an LSAT score for purposes unrelated to admission to Indiana Law (for instance, application to other schools or possible transfer applications in the future).

Unsuccessful applicants to this program may apply to the Law School through our regular admissions process at any point in the future.

The application form and all materials must be submitted to the Law School Admissions Office no later than April 1.

Upon admission, applicants will be required to submit their official transcripts directly to the Law School Admission Service.

Questions specific to this special admissions program can be directed to Frank Motley, Assistant Dean of Admissions, at

For further assistance or questions about applying to the JD/MBA program, please contact the program director, Mark Need, Clinical Professor of Law, at