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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Jasmine Zaki
Memphis, Tennessee
Previous Education:
BA’04, University of Memphis

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Beyond Good Grades: Finding Time to Do Good
Jasmine Zaki, JD’09

A first-generation American raised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States, Jasmine Zaki values the opportunity to use the American justice system to improve lives. Family law gives her the opportunity to interact with clients one-on-one, and she can see first hand that her efforts have benefitted her clients. Last summer she worked at the Alliance for Children’s Rights in Los Angeles, where she used her legal skills to win retroactive federal funding for a terminally ill child. Zaki is developing mediation skills at Indiana Law as a member of the Family and Children Mediation Clinic, the setting for some of her proudest moments. “Being able to use my skills to help other people gives me a sense of gratification far more fulfilling than a good grade or well-written brief,” she says.

Staying connected: After her undergraduate studies, Zaki managed the press office for Iraq at the United Nations in New York City and later taught journalism at a women’s college in the UAE.

Sharpening my legal mind: “Studying the law changes the way your mind operates. Your ability to analyze—and overanalyze—becomes second nature, and you find yourself viewing the world from a legal perspective.”

Why Indiana Law: “I visited Bloomington a year before I applied to law school and fell in love with it. It is just a great town, and the law school has a reputation for having great professors. Now that I’m here, I’m challenged by the curriculum and surrounded by so many brilliant academics.”

Favorite professor:Professor Amy Applegate. In addition to being an accomplished profesor, she works tirelessly to aid the disenfranchised and impoverished within the community. She is warm, approachable, capable, and runs a highly effective clinic.”

Words of wisdom: “The professors here are of the best quality and the students are warm and personable, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Don’t go to law school unless you’re prepared to dedicate three years of your life to it.”