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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

melrose park, illinois
Previous Education:
BS’07, Biology, washington university

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Admissions to admitted.
Mario Treto, JD'12


Before coming to the Law School: I was an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at Washington University in St. Louis. Working in the Office of Admissions was exciting; I was able to provide input about the future alumni of my school. I also traveled around the country and talked to various high school students about college, and then returned to St. Louis to read applications and conduct presentations about the school to visitors.

Prior work experience paid off: Working for two years before coming to law school was perfect in terms of helping me take some time off from studying, but it also improved my time management skills. I approached law school as an endeavor between undergrad and work. I had a greater appreciation for academic work, and the real life experience that I gained from working in the Admissions Office provided me with perspective about how I would apply my legal studies to a future work setting.

Plenty of student organizations: Something I've really enjoyed is the fact that whatever student group interests you, whether it is legal-related or not, the Law School probably has it. One of my friends has a passion for animal welfare, so he created the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. As president of the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA), I have been able to work with other students to create a group that is open to all students; we have even been fortunate to collaborate on projects with other groups. I have also been able to connect with many alumni through LLSA, as well as other groups in which I participate. In fact, I recently interviewed at a Chicago firm and to my surprise, one of the interviewers was an Indiana alum.

I chose Indiana Law because... Visiting the Maurer School of Law was very important in my decision. I've come to realize that you can get a great education wherever you go; it's what you make of it that matters. The people and school culture at law schools is difficult to change, but the welcoming and collaborative environment here is pretty unique. Maurer was also very generous with its financial assistance, which didn’t hurt in making my decision!

What advice would you give to undergrads considering law school? Law school is a life changing decision. However, once you decide that it is the path you want to take, the experience and legal training you will acquire is priceless. I've come to realize that a JD is useful in so many different areas, both legal and non-legal. Rather than restricting your future, going to law school will only give you more options. I have been pretty involved in the community and have used as many resources as I can. The only change that I would make would be to come one year earlier, but just so that I could have taken another class with my Contracts professor, Terry Bethel, who retired after my first year...but I'm still hoping that he’ll come back. However, although he was a special professor, he is just one example of the wonderful faculty you encounter at the Maurer School of Law.