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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Bob Lattas
Yuba City, California
Previous Education:
BS’09, finance, University of Utah

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Student Spotlight

I chose Indiana Law after I was able to visit campus during Spring Law Day
Steve Mehr, JD'12

The perfect mix: I went to high school in Southern California but spent much of my work life in Northern California. I chose Indiana Law after I was able to visit campus during Spring Law Day. I had been to a few other schools around the country and didn't find anything close to what we have at IU. We are the perfect mix of a large world-class university in a small, really great town. After my trip the decision was easy. I figured if I was going to spend three years studying as hard as law students do, I might as well be doing it in a beautiful, friendly place.

The benefits of work experience: Law school is an eye-opening experience. It's different than anything else I have done in my life. I was a regional supervisor for a midsized residential real estate firm. I directed a full range of operating activities from land acquisition and vendor sourcing to management and state and local compliance. I was accountable for business planning, a multi-million dollar budget, and more than 20 associates. I developed a dedication to getting the job done, a desire to complete a project on time, and to the best of my ability. I look back on the long nights I spent in the Law Library before fall exams and don't think I could have done it without some degree of true dedication to my goals. You also have to be able to work with other people. The “real world” will teach you that and law school will magnify it.

Back to business: I love business, the art of making the deal, and making things happen. There are a lot of things that people do to make a living in the world; many of them need lawyers to help their desires become reality. I want to be that person, the one that helps them create what they are after. I hope to be a “dirt” lawyer. Real estate and development are true passions of mine. I would like to work on large commercial deals and be involved with helping individual and corporate investors make the most out of opportunities.

My best memory thus far: Studying for the contracts final exam in a little room in the Law Library. We had more people than should be inside and everyone was sharing notes, talking through examples, and helping each other. Even though we were very stressed and nervous I think we were happy. We were climbing the mountain together. It was also funny when the pizza showed up in a Santa hat and two extra large circles of sustenance.

A feeling of solidarity: I like studying in the Law Library. I can study in a very quiet, peaceful place surrounded by people I know are struggling with the same stuff that I am. There is a feeling of solidarity when you know the guy next to you is also preparing for a Socratic showdown with one of the nation's most brilliant legal minds.