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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Marios Fellouka
Nicosia, Cyprus
Previous Education:
BA’10, Economics and Criminal Justice, Indiana University

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Student Spotlight

Part of the family
Marios Fellouka, JD’13

Marios Fellouka chose IU for his undergraduate degree because his older sister had already come to the United States and settled near Indianapolis. He fell in love with Bloomington and chose to pursue his legal education near his friends and family—including his new Indiana Law family.

Why I chose Indiana Law: Law school is a big change for everyone. As an international student, I knew it would be even more of an adjustment, so I was ecstatic when I was admitted to Indiana Law. I would be able to go to a school with a great reputation, while staying close to my family and friends in Indiana. The first-year curriculum is great because it’s all organized for us, and we don’t have to choose courses in an area of study we’re not familiar with.

Passion fueled from the very first day: My passion is helping people. I came to law school to learn how the law can bring about justice and protect human rights. On the very first day, in contracts class, Professor Ochoa described her research on the intersection of global economic activity and human rights. Her passion for justice made me want to read and study even harder.

The biggest surprise: My biggest fear was that I would have no personal time, but that hasn’t been the case. I work out four times a week, meet up with friends, and attend events. You can have time to do other things besides study if you organize your time carefully. If I’ve been invited to do something on Saturday night, I know that I’ll have to spend all day Saturday reading—and maybe even Friday night—but there’s still time for other activities.

My practice group advisor is great: He’s the person I go to if I need help about getting adjusted. He helped me come up with strategies for studying and let me know the expectations of each professor. It’s been a big help, and it’s great to know someone’s available 24/7.

On life in Bloomington: I was afraid if I went to school in a big city, there would be too many distractions. Because Bloomington is a college town, it’s a great environment for learning, but there are still plenty of things to do: concerts, sports, and great restaurants.

Advice for 1Ls: Law school is a totally individual decision, and everyone has different reasons for choosing a school. Go to the best ranked school you can get into—but only if it also satisfies your personal passions and wants.

Part of the family: At orientation, Dean Robel told us that we were now part of the Indiana Law family. It’s true. Leaving that meeting and walking down the hall, I felt it immediately. And that’s amazing.