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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Eric Lowe
Kansas City, Missouri
Previous Education:
BA’06, philosophy and political science, University of Missouri—Kansas City

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Fighting on Behalf of the People of Missouri
Eric Lowe, JD’09

Eric Lowe wasn’t supposed to come to Indiana Law. He had already committed to another university—and even paid the enrollment deposit—when a prelaw advisor at University of Missouri—Kansas City said he should at least check out Bloomington. It was spring 2006, the campus was in full bloom, and Lowe was about to change his life’s course. “I just fell in love with IU!” says Lowe. “I got a tour of the law school, met with the dean of admissions, and that’s all it took. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.” He also kept his ties to Kansas City, serving an internship in the Missouri attorney general’s office in summer 2008.  

The importance of mentoring: “One of my best experiences at Indiana Law has been as a practice group advisor [PGA]. I work with a group of seven 1Ls to help them adjust to law school and basically be someone they can go to with questions. It’s great being able to give back now and help other students. One of my advisees even invited me and my girlfriend to her place for Thanksgiving—the first year I wasn’t able to be home for Thanksgiving.”

Fighting for the people: “As a kid, I used to watch Perry Mason and Matlock. After I entered college, I saw the impact that lawyers can have on society and the world we live in. Attorneys have the skills and training to try to make the world a better place. One of the things I like about the Missouri attorney general’s office is that they fight on behalf of the people of Missouri.”

Don’t believe the hype: “There’s a perception that law school is a really mean, competitive place where people mess with your computer and your notes. At IU, people just get along really well. There’s just this great combination of a top-tier school with classmates being very collaborative. People help each other gain knowledge and share their contacts.”

Homesick blues: “One of the biggest challenges I’ve had as a law student is being away from home. I definitely struggle with the distance and not being near my close friends and family—but I’m adapting and making new friends here. This is a great place to be.”