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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Kelsie Ackman
Terre Haute, Indiana
Previous Education:
BA’11, Criminal Justice, Indiana University

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Student Spotlight

From A to Zumba
Kelsie Ackman, JD’14

Kelsie Ackman joins the Indiana Law community this fall as a first-year student. Her academic record entitled her to apply without taking the LSAT through the School’s Direct Admit Program. She says that the Program has given her a jump on housing and other logistics while she enjoys her senior year knowing that her plans are set.

Before being admitted: I’m finishing my senior year at Indiana University. My undergrad studies have been all over the map. I started out majoring in psychology, then switched to apparel merchandising, then took a course in criminal justice, and I loved it! I also took a business law course and found myself drawn to the law as an area of study.

On getting admitted without the LSAT: I was admitted in April of my junior year of college through the Law School’s Direct Admit Program, which waives the LSAT requirement if you meet the criteria. I highly recommend it! You make your plans early, there’s no worrying about your scores, and you get a jump on housing and financing. Plus the School offers special activities for Direct Admit students.

On life in Bloomington: At first, I thought I’d want to go someplace different for law school, maybe in the South. But my friends and family are nearby, and I’ve loved Bloomington as an undergrad. Once I visited the Law School and met students and faculty, I was sold.

The 1L jitters: The only thing I’m really worried about is what to believe and what not to believe about the first year. I’m sure the workload will be heavy, but I’m ready for it. Everyone I’ve met has been very supportive and welcoming, and I know that will help me with the transition.

Why zumba? I’ve always loved running, and a friend persuaded me to take a zumba class in Terre Haute. After one class, I said, “This is for me!” and I got certified. I teach all over Bloomington—at a gym, a sorority, and a church. It’s a great way to stay in shape and work off steam.