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Ewa Wojtkowska, JD'11
Louisville, Kentucky
Previous Education:
BA’09, international studies, Indiana University Southeast

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Student Spotlight

The School has a recognized faculty and the campus is absolutely beautiful!
Ewa Dawson, JD’11

What brought me to Indiana: In short, Maurer School of Law is what brought me to Indiana. I came to the United States about six years ago from Poland. Before moving to Indiana for law school, I lived in Louisville, Kentucky. While I was attending a university in Poland, an opportunity emerged for me to come to the US as an au pair. My original plan was to take a one year break from college in Poland and then go back. While I was in the US, things in my personal life changed, so I decided to stay and build a life here, and I have never regretted that decision. I have encountered many opportunities being in the US; one of them is the opportunity to go to one of the best law schools in the country. I feel very lucky and privileged.

I chose Indiana Law because: The School offers a wide variety of courses in international law and study abroad opportunities. It also has a reputable and recognized faculty and the campus is absolutely beautiful! I can't forget to mention the Law Library; I was amazed when I saw it! The collection of law materials is impressive on its own and the architecture is stunning! When I first visited Indiana Law I knew that I could not be happier at any other school.

In five years: I am interested in a variety of law fields, but my primary career goal after I graduate from Indiana Law will be something related to the international domain of law. I believe that the classes at the Maurer School of Law, the opportunities to study abroad, and the School's reputation will prepare me to achieve that goal.

Family life: It is not easy being a wife and a law student. To be honest, there isn't much time for family life. I try to see my husband as often as possible, but I have to give him a lot of credit for being very supportive of me and my career choice. It is important to have someone who believes in you and supports you every day.

No magic recipe for success: It is important to be systematic and diligent in preparing for the classes and final exams. I try to plan my study time carefully and not wait until the last minute to finish the assignments. I have found that during the first year in law school, the new law students tend to listen to the upper level students to figure out how to do well. There really is no magic recipe for success. You just have to stay true to yourself and study the way that you know will work for you. The important thing is to believe in your own abilities and not get discouraged. A positive attitude is what I would consider one of the main ingredients for succeeding in law school.