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82.4% of the class of 2014 was working in a full-time, bar admission required or JD advantage job lasting longer than a year as of February 15, 2015


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Degrees and Courses

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JD Student Spotlight

Moein Khawaja, JD'15

Moein Khawaja JD’15

Hometown: Springfield, IL

“When I came for Spring Law Day, I was impressed by the honesty of the recruiting and career development staff. The school recognizes that the legal profession is going through major and permanent changes, and it has moved quickly to adapt the school and curriculum to reflect these changes, rather than continue business-as-usual..”

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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Whether you choose a career path that leads you to private practice, public service, business, or teaching, a law degree is one of the most comprehensive, powerful degrees in the world, offering wider professional options than nearly any other field. Choose from the menu on the left to read about our degrees, courses, programs, and other benefits of an Indiana Law degree — and to find out more about the beautiful, and peaceful yet cosmopolitan setting you’ll be living and learning in. Or click here to download our viewbook.

At Indiana Law, your first-year experience will be different from what you will find at other schools. In your second semester, you will take a class on the legal profession that incorporates research from our Center on the Global Legal Profession. This course will help you assess and develop your skills right from the beginning of your course of study. In addition, you will be paired with a practice group advisor, an upper-division student who will help ease your transition to law school. And our Career Services Office will introduce you to numerous options for planning your career.

Entering Class Profile

More than 1,400 people applied to join our 2015 JD entering class, and we enrolled 155 outstanding students from 77 undergraduate institutions in 24 states. In addition, our international graduate students hail from such diverse locations as China, Australia, Ireland, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Japan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Rwanda, and Brazil. The ethnic and cultural diversity of our students is part of what makes Indiana Law such an intellectually stimulating place to study. Learn more about why students chose to study here.

2015 Entering JD Class *
Median LSAT 161
Median GPA 3.77
Indiana Residents 52%
Number of States 24
Women 43%
Minorities 19%
Age Range 21-43
Undergraduate Institutions 77

Joint Degree Programs

Indiana Law offers several joint degree programs that allow students to simultaneously pursue a JD and a degree from another Indiana University school or discipline. Applicants to these programs must apply to both programs separately (though not necessarily at the same time) and take the entrance exams required for both schools.

* Entering class data reflects information as of August 17, 2015.  Updates will be posted here after October 5, 2015.