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Christophe Meysmans, LLM’13
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Universiteit Gent

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The Perfect Place for a Great Experience
Christophe Meysmans, LLM'13

Why the Maurer School of Law? I decided to come to Indiana University because of its personal and direct approach. Because the LLM program is rather small, students have great contact with the staff and the professors. Everybody at Maurer law is very friendly and will try their absolute best to get you settled.

On the American Education System. The best part of my year at Indiana Law was definitely the American education system. I've learned so much this year, because the professors really challenge you to develop the best arguments. There is a huge variety of classes, so you can focus on whatever area of law that you like. My focus was intellectual property, and I absolutely enjoyed the classes taught by Professor Janis. It is also helpful that as an international student, you really can take the time to adjust to the different educational methods. Maurer is just a perfect place to expand your knowledge of law, improve your English and have a great experience in the US!

Life in Bloomington. During my time here, I absolutely enjoyed the city of Bloomington. The campus is just beautiful, and it has all the facilities to make your stay comfortable. Especially if you like sports (doing or watching), IU is the place to go. Going out for dinner or drinks is a lot of fun with the tons of restaurants and bars in this small town. Finally, the biggest advantage of living in Bloomington is that the living costs are quite low.