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Christian Dax, LLM’13
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Previous Education:
Magister Iuris; Bachelor of Arts; LLB, Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz

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“The Students Are as Diverse as the Program Itself”
Christian Dax, LLM’13

On Studying in the United States. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” After I graduated from the University of Graz, Austria, with a degree in law and the dream of pursuing a career as a business lawyer, it was clear to me that I had to continue my professional education. As a business lawyer, one has to try to enhance his knowledge and creativity in every possible direction. Due to its dominance in the world’s economy, I decided that the United States would be the ideal place to continue my legal education.

The search for the right city and the right law school was not easy. I was looking for something different, something special. When I came across the home page of the Maurer School of Law, I was highly impressed by its faculty, program, and reputation. Applying to the Maurer School of Law was a decision that I will never regret.

Curriculum and Favorite Professors. The faculty of the Maurer School of Law is well known for their expertise in law with an international dimension. This was perfect for me because of my interest in international business law. Among other classes, I took international securities regulation with Prof. Hicks, and international business transactions and international trade law with Prof. Fidler. These two outstanding experts in their fields provided me with an integrated understanding of international business law. Moreover, I have to admit that during my program, there was not a single professor or class that I did not enjoy. In addition to the great faculty, international students get incredible support from Dean Lesley Davis, Lara Gose and William Schaad. This made my year here a unique opportunity, from which I will certainly benefit in my future career.

Law School Life. The students in the LLM program are as diverse as the courses themselves. One can meet lawyers, judges, government officials and visiting scholars from all over the world. This year was a great networking opportunity for me, as well as a good way to learn about the various legal systems in the world. It is easy to make new friends and even easier to find people with the same interest.

Bloomington. Bloomington is a great student town with a lot of international flair. People who want to meet the world should come to Bloomington. The young population, cultural diversity and the cultural events made this year a very impressive experience for me.