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Center for Law, Society, and Culture


Proceedings of Law, Society, and Culture conferences have been published as symposia issues in the Indiana Law Journal.

  • Ferguson: Policing's Past, Present, and Future
    Mar. 26, 2015
  • Empowering the Powerless? Legal Services for Vulnerable Populations in India and China
    Feb. 9, 2012

    Decades of law and society research has established that unmet legal needs—a gap between the demand for and the supply of legal assistance—are an endemic feature of American society. Once we leave the United States, however, far less is known about the character of legal needs and the extent to which and ways in which they are satisfied, particularly in low-income regions of the world.This special seminar sponsored by the IU Center for Law, Society, and Culturebrings together leading law and society scholars conducting research on this very topic in the world's two most populous countries. Participation in the global economy has generated vast wealth for some and has reproduced and exacerbated socioeconomic vulnerability for far more in China and India. Dispossession of land rights, environmental degradation, and unpaid wages are among the many serious problems faced by peasants, migrant workers, and other vulnerable populations (many of whom are women) in these contexts. How commonly do people with legal needs seek the help of lawyers and other legal service providers? How commonly and in what ways do legal service providers help protect (or undermine) individuals’ legal rights and interests? Panelists will try to identify institutional barriers to the greater provision of high-quality legal services to among the most needy in the world. Invited outside presenters are Sylvia Vatuk, University of Illinois -- Chicago, and Sida Liu, University of Wisconsin.

  • Pros and Cons of Five Methods of Judicial Selection (2011)
    Charles Geyh, associate dean for research and John F. Kimberling Professor of Law and an expert on judicial selection and ethics, will moderate a program on the pros and cons of different methods of judicual selection. The panel includes experts Chris Bonneau, associate professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh; Roy A. Schotland, a professor emeritus at Georgetown University Law Center; and Eileen Braman, associate professor of political science at Indiana University.
  • Can and Should We Control Technology? The Future of Stem Cell Research Policy (2008)

    Listen to mp3 audio.

    A panel discussion of the legal and ethical implications of stem cell research follows a keynote from Rebecca Dresser, the Daniel Noyes Kirby Professor of Law and Professor of Ethics in Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. Dresser is a leading authority on the law and ethics of stem cell research. Yvonne Cripps, the Harry T. Ice Professor of Law at Indiana Law, and Sandra Shapshay, assistant professor in philosophy at IU Bloomington, and an affiliate faculty member at the IU Center for Bioethics in Indianapolis, will comment.

  • The Debate Over Presidential Power (2007)
    MP3 audio
  • The Next Generation of Law School Rankings
  • Toward a Model Death Penalty Code
    vol.80, no.1
  • Congressional Power in the Shadow of the Rehnquist Court: Strategies for the Future
    vol 78, no. 1
  • Law, Politics, Morality, and Popular Culture
    vol. 77, no. 2) (law, history, English, gender studies, political science)
  • Regulating the Employment Relationship in the 21st Century
    vol. 76, no. 1 (law, economics, labor studies, business)
  • Religious Liberty at the Dawn of the New Millenium
    vol. 75, no. 1 (law, education, religious studies)
  • Law and the New American Family
    vol. 73, no. 2 (law, gender studies, economics, business)
  • Law and Civil Society
    vol. 72, no. 2) (law, history, political science, gender studies)
  • Emerging Paradigms in Bioethics
    (vol. 69, no. 4) (law, sociology, religious studies, medicine)
Other Events
  • Department of Sociology Colloquium series: Robin Stryker, Professor of Sociology, Affiliated Professor of Law and Scholar of the College (2004-07) at the University of Minnesota, "The Politics of Social Science in Labor and Employment Law: Institutional Politics and Legal Change", Dogwood Room, IMU Friday, April 29th at noon-1:30 p.m.
  • Professor Adam McKeown from Columbia University, "Asian Migration and the Globalization of Modern Sovereignty, 1880-1910.", 4 p.m. April 4th, 2005