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Alumni Accomplishments

Kimberly Richardson
Wilmington, DE
Current Position:
Occupational Safety Security Senior Counsel, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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Alumni Profiles

Extraordinary Experience Shaped Her Future
Kimberly Richardson, JD’06

Kimberly Richardson had her choice of law schools. She was accepted to nine of the 11 schools she applied to, and although Indiana Law wanted her, she wasn’t so sure the feeling was mutual—until she got the call. “Robyn Carr, a 1L, called me and we just started talking. We had a lot in common, and I decided to have an impromptu Bloomington visit. It was during finals, and Robyn took a study break and gave me and my dad a tour of campus. That really impressed me.”

Later on, Richardson and her dad had dinner with more Indiana Law students, and that sealed the deal: “After that visit, I knew I was going to Indiana,” she says. Now an attorney for the United States Postal Service in Washington, DC, Richardson began her career as an associate at Varnum Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett LLP in Grand Rapids, Mich. In June 2008, Richardson was honored by The Network Journal, a magazine for black professionals, at its annual “40-Under-Forty” Achievement Awards Dinner.

Richardson is thankful for that call from Robyn, who is now her friend. “I had an extraordinary experience at Indiana Law. It helped shape me as a person and as an attorney.”

On winning the Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition: “That was the highlight of Law School for me. I argued in front of one First Circuit Court of Appeals judge and one Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge as well as two other federal district court judges from courts in the Seventh Circuit. I felt great—words can’t describe it. And having that on my resume helped a lot on the job market.”

My evil dictator law prof: “One of my most memorable law classes was Labor Law taught by Professor Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt. It’s taught a little differently: students are the ‘employees’ of Labor Law Inc., and he’s the evil dictator employer representing the worst of the worst. One day he locked us out of class, and we went on strike. We came up with all these chants and sat in a faculty hall way. I will always remember that. That’s one of the great things about IU—there are so many exceptional professors who are accessible and passionate.”

Staying in touch: “Just this March I hosted an alumni reception here at my firm with Dean Lauren Robel and Director of Recruitment Dani Weatherford. We had about 20 alums who showed up. I also try to go back to judge moot court arguments. I go down each year to do on-campus interviews in the fall. This year we’re talking about getting together for an alumni weekend.”