Workshops and colloquia

Fall 2017 speaker series

Henderson House, 618 E. Third Street
Sep. 1

Kick-off luncheon

Sep. 15

Emily Meanwell
IU Social Science Research Commons

Sep. 22

Tom Gieryn
IU Dept. of Sociology

Oct. 6

Michael Frisby
IU Statistical Consulting Center


Kevin Brown
IU Maurer School of Law

Oct. 27

John Bliss
Harvard Law School

Nov. 3

Nathalie Martin
Univ. of New Mexico School of Law

Nov. 17

Ashley Clark
IU Center for Survey Research

Spring 2017 Colloquium

Jan. 26

  • Kara Swanson
    Northeastern University
    "The 'Woman Inventor' as Political Tool -- Patents, Invention, and Civil Rights"
Feb. 2
  • Ann Groggel
    IU Department of Sociology
    "'Verbally No, but Physically Yes': Students' Negotiations of Sexual Consent"
Feb. 23
  • Tim Lovelace
    IU Maurer School of Law
    "Civil Rights as Human Rights"
Mar. 2
  • Shari Diamond
    Northwestern University

Mar. 3
Beck House,
624 E. 3rd St.

  • Lauren Coyne
    Princeton University
    (Co-sponsored by Center for Constitutional Democracy)

Mar. 8

  • Justin Hansford
    St. Louis University

Apr. 5

  • Mechele Dickerson
    Univeristy of Texas

Fall 2016 Colloquium

All presentations will take place at noon in Baier Hall room 335

Sept. 15
  • Ethan Michelson
    IU Department of Sociology
    "A First Look at Careers from Three Waves of the AJD Survey, 1999-2012"
Oct. 6
  • Ken Dau-Schmidt CANCELED
    IU Maurer School of Law
Oct. 20
  • Amy Cohen
    The Ohio State University
Oct. 27
  • Mona Oraby
    IU Maurer School of Law
    Jerome Hall Post-Doctoral Fellow
Nov. 3
Nov. 17
  • Eden Medina
    IU School of Informatics and Computing
    "Reparation Technology in Post-Pinochet Chile: Computers, Forensic Identification, and Error"

Past workshops and colloquia