Paths to your JD/MBA

Indiana University offers a wide variety of joint business and law programs to help you achieve your particular educational and professional goals. While this website focuses on the more traditional JD/MBA programs, all of the following joint programs are available at IU-Bloomington:

Degree Years Description
JD/MBA 3 or 4 JD and MBA at Bloomington
JD/MBA 4 JD at Bloomington; MBA at Sungkyunkwan (SKK) University, Seoul, South Korea
JD/MBAA 4 JD + MBA in Accounting at Bloomington
JD/MSA 4 JD + MS in Accounting at Bloomington

Regardless of which program you pursue, the Maurer School of Law and the Kelley School of Business will work with you individually to provide the flexibility to choose the courses and experiences that meet your goals for specialization(s).

The four-year JD/MBA

Through the dual-degree program, Indiana University offers two degrees from two top-tier schools — the Maurer School of Law and the Kelley School of Business. The dual-degree program provides you with opportunities to explore potential careers in both law and business and complete your degrees in four years, rather than the five years it would normally take to complete both degrees separately. The flexibility of the four-year program and the proximity of the law and business schools (within fifteen minutes' walking distance) allow you to participate in activities, clubs, clinics, and presentations at both schools. As a JD/MBA student, you will also be able to develop networks of contacts, friends, and opportunities within both communities.

The three-year JD/MBA

The Maurer School of Law and the Kelley School of Business are among the very few law and business schools in the United States to offer an accelerated JD/MBA program that can be completed in just three years. It is a demanding program for highly qualified and motivated students, but for the right person, the three-year JD/MBA offers a unique opportunity to gain two valuable degrees from two top-ranked schools and join the working world even sooner. Moreover, if you are enrolled in the three-year program, you will be able to graduate with your first-year classmates at both schools.

The three-year program does not replace Indiana University's four-year JD/MBA program; the four-year program will continue to be available to new applicants.

The SKK JD/MBA program

The Maurer/Sungkyunkwan (SKK) JD/MBA combines a JD from the Maurer School of Law with a globalized MBA from SKK's Graduate School of Business in Seoul. Both degrees can be completed in four years, and no GMAT score is required for admission. More information about the program can be found on this page.

Graduation requirements

All JD/MBA candidates must complete 79 credit hours in the Law School and 42 credit hours in the Business School for a total of 121 credit hours. The first-year law curriculum ("1L" year) and first-semester business curriculum (the "Integrated Core") for JD/MBA students are identical to those of their JD and MBA counterparts. Four-year students may begin in either school; however, three-year students must enroll in the Law School's Summer Start program and complete their 1L year prior to taking the Integrated Core. No law course credit counts toward the MBA part of the dual-degree, and vice versa. Each degree has its own required and elective course work (see Curriculum). The JD and MBA degrees are awarded simultaneously, and all requirements in both schools must be completed in order to receive either degree.

For more information contact:
Prof. Mark Need
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