Peking University School of Transnational Law (Shenzhen)

Qualified 2L and 3L students may apply to spend one academic year at Peking University School of Transnational Law (Shenzhen) pursuing the LL.M. degree. The LL.M. is taught entirely in English and STL’s curriculum emphasizes lawyering skills and knowledge for the 21st century: (i) transnational law and practice, (ii) cross-cultural competence, (iii) the ability to contend with the complex legal and factual issues characteristic of advanced economies based on technological innovation and global financial services, and (iv) the professional responsibilities of lawyers in these contexts. STL’s LL.M. program consists of at least three quarters of full-time study in residence and a second year for internships, continued study, or research projects at the student’s discretion. Although the degree is conferred at the end of two years, it is possible for residence to be completed after one. Maurer students who are eligible to participate as 2Ls may graduate with both the J.D. and the STL LL.M. degree after the 3L year at Maurer. Students spending their 3L year at STL may choose to remain in China for all or part of the second year of the LL.M. degree to pursue further coursework, internships or employment, or return home to take the bar exam and begin working in the U.S.

For further information, please contact:

Lesley Davis
Assistant Dean, International Programs
(812) 856-5661]