Summer study abroad

Through the summer program, Indiana Law students have the opportunity to study law overseas during the summer and earn four to six credits as part of a collaborative relationship with the USD Institute on International and Comparative Law, a summer-study program sponsored by the University of San Diego School of Law. Programs in England, France, Italy, and Spain introduce students to foreign and international legal institutions during an intensive four- to five-week academic session. Each session offers courses that take advantage of the city’s unique resources, and all courses are taught in English.

The institute’s summer programs include:


The London Institute specializes in the legal aspects of international business with courses in taxation, corporations, banking, labor law, and antitrust.


The Paris Institute examines international and comparative law, focusing on cultural differences that influence international dealings. Courses are offered in public international law, European Union law, and international business transactions and related areas.


Laws that deal with artistic and intellectual productions are the focus of the Florence Institute. Courses in international art law and international intellectual property are generally offered, as well as courses in immigration law, international negotiations, international litigation, international entertainment law, and international contracts.


The Barcelona Institute specializes in European law, offering courses in European Union law, international contracts, international environmental law, and international corporations.