Milton Stewart Fellows

Global externships in eleven countries

Any law school can sign you up for a summer or a semester of study in another country (so do we). But only Indiana Law can offer you a summer of real work in another country. This is no leisurely summer study abroad program, with esoteric classes in the mornings and afternoons by the seashore. Stewart Fellows work — and they work hard, in corporations, highly ranked international law firms, and rights-based non-governmental organizations, delivering real legal services in ten countries throughout the world. Unlike many programs with steep price tags – costing students thousands or tens of thousands of dollars – each Stewart Fellow receives funding to cover travel and living expenses while working abroad, in eleven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, China, India, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Read about the Stewart Fellows' experiences at the Milt and Judi Stewart Center on the Global Legal Profession website.