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Why choose Indiana Law?

As a highly qualified legal scholar, you have many options for graduate studies. Our superb faculty, community support, and great location make Indiana Law a wise choice.

The approach to the study of law is different from that of other countries. An Indiana Law LLM student explains how in this video.

Your key to global success

Globalization is affecting almost every area of law. An international graduate degree from Indiana Law is your key to success in this new and rapidly changing world. Here are some of the reasons why:

World renowned faculty and programs

Our LLM program is more than 100 years old — one of the oldest in the US. Our tradition and experience combine with the expertise and global prestige of our faculty members to bring you first-rate educational experience — for thousands of dollars less than at other universities.

Flexibility, support, and opportunity

The Law School has a six-person staff dedicated to international graduate students and programs. Students also enjoy excellent support from the university’s Office of International Services. These offices are at your service for assistance with visas, housing, and other ways to make your stay in Bloomington more comfortable. Indiana Law graduate students benefit from the support of a six-person Office of Graduate Legal Studies and International Programs. This office is the home away from home for international students while they are in law school. Some of the many ways in which we help you are:

  • Teaching assistants to explain and clarify class assignments
  • International peer group advisors – JD student peers who help you settle into Bloomington and get acclimated to law school life
  • Specialized courses in legal discourse and writing, and an introductory course in American law for foreign lawyers
  • An optional intensive course in legal English offered the summer before the fall semester
  • A professional development series that helps prepare you for the job market, both in the United States and in your home country
  • Assistance in finding internships while you’re in the US
  • One-on-one academic advising and bar exam application and preparation
  • If you’re an aspiring academic, special programming to help you prepare for the profession, including the doctoral colloquium, a course on scholarly legal writing, and course development and teaching workshops
  • Help with visa issues, integration into US culture, and other personal matters that may arise during your stay

You’ll also have the benefit of Indiana University’s global engagement. IU is one of the nation’s leading public research universities, with a major commitment to a place on the world’s stage. IU’s new School of Global and International Studies brings together a distinguished community of scholars, students, staff, and alumni united by a common commitment to meet the global challenges of the 21st century with world-shaping ideas and world-altering graduates.

Summer Start program

LLM and MCL applicants who need to improve their English and legal English skills prior to starting US study may be admitted to our Summer Start Program, which begins in June of each year. The Summer Start Program includes the Legal English course instructed by the university's outstanding Intensive English Program (IEP) and the two-credit-hour Law School course, Introduction to American Law.

The Legal English course is a unique opportunity for international students to improve their English and legal English skills prior to starting a US law program. The Introduction to American Law course is one of the two required courses for completing the LLM or MCL degrees, and the summer program gives you the opportunity to complete the course early. Being able to focus on only one Law School course also offers you a more gentle introduction to US legal education system.

LLM to JD credit transfer option (CTO)

Indiana Law has a process to permit our LLM students to apply to transfer to the JD program. Students may nominate themselves to take part in the process, and faculty members may also nominate students who perform outstandingly in their classes.

Approved LLM students who accept the CTO invitation will be graded on the same scale as the JD students for their spring courses. Otherwise, graduate students are graded separately from JD students. Selection to participate in the process does not guarantee admission to the JD program. Students will still need to follow the application procedures for admission to the JD program, but will not be required to submit LSAT scores. Transfer decisions will be based on the students’ spring semester grades and will be made by the Dean of Admissions and the Dean of Students in the summer.

If admitted to the JD program, credits for most courses taken during the spring semester could be counted towards the credits required for the JD degree (dependent upon individual course schedules). All other requirements for the JD degree remain the same. Under appropriate circumstances, this could reduce the total time for both an LLM and JD degree to 3.5 years.

Location, Location, Location

You already know that law school can be difficult and often time-consuming. So why spend your graduate school year in a crowded urban area, juggling metro passes, dodging traffic, and paying high rent? In Bloomington, you’ll find a more relaxed pace — a college town focused on students, but with the amenities, sophistication, and fun of a large city. Everything you need is within reach in Bloomington, so you can bike to campus and shopping or take advantage of free bus service, and focus on what’s really important!
Consider what others say about Bloomington:

IU has the Jacobs School of Music — one of the nation’s top music schools — and outstanding programs in fine arts, theatre, opera, and drama. The spectacular art deco Auditorium brings the best of Broadway to campus every season. The world-famous Little 500 bike race takes place every spring. If you like outdoor activities, the natural landscape of southern Indiana, the Hoosier National Forest, and the state’s largest inland lake are yours to enjoy. And if you long for a big city adventure, Indianapolis, the state capital and home to more than 2 million, is just 45 minutes away, with convenient bus service.