Disability Law Clinic

You'll work with individual clients and disability rights groups to address discrimination and to gain access to benefits and services for poor people with disabilities. Because you'll be assigned in pairs as the primary case handlers for your clients, you'll be engaged in all stages of case development, from intake to appeals. As a result, you'll develop skills in client interaction, research, writing, advocacy, administrative practice, cultural competence, and collaboration. Opportunities to reflect on their lawyering in class and in supervision meetings will help you develop your professional identity, including your approach to problem-solving, decision-making, social justice, and professionalism.

Clinic fieldwork includes individual client representation and participation in community projects that advocate disability rights. Most individual cases involve claims for federal and state disability benefits at administrative hearings and appeals.

Course Description for B553: Disability Law Clinic

Clinic Director: Carwina Weng
P: 812-855-9229 or 812-855-9809
F: 812-855-5128
Lewis Building 301