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Prof. Mark Janis teaching law students

Preparing Professionals for Global Leadership

Founded in 1842, the Indiana University Maurer School of Law is the ninth oldest law school in the U.S. and the first state school in the Midwest.  Located in a beautifully wooded setting in Bloomington, a classic college town, the IU campus is consistently ranked among the most beautiful in the nation. Nestled among Dunn’s Woods on the corner of the campus, the law school provides a tranquil learning environment, but with all kinds of diversions just steps away on busy Kirkwood Avenue.

Our Points of Distinction

We’re a top 35 law school that offers a top-flight legal education regardless of your interests:

Because we’re part of a distinguished research university, you’ll also have the opportunity to tap into IU’s other graduate schools, including the Kelley School of Business and the #2-ranked School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Our Supportive Community

There's something special about the Indiana Law community. You’ll notice it as soon as you step into Baier Hall. Students actually like each other! They’re here to help each other be successful in an atmosphere that our alumni call "aptitude without attitude." There's no room for gunners here — just a healthy spirit of competition and mutual support.

At Indiana Law, you'll join students from more than 30 states and several foreign countries, from a variety of backgrounds. About 40 percent of our students have prior work experience, in everything from the military to Teach for America. Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin are just a few of the languages spoken by a typical incoming class.

What's more, our entire curriculum and student experience are designed to help you chart the path that's right for you — from your very first day.

  • Our innovative first-year course on the legal profession studies the law of lawyering in context, guiding you to examine your strengths and interests and assess your future ... because not everyone can — or should — work on Wall Street.
  • Our Career Services Office pairs you with alumni mentors in cities of your choice, helping you sort out your options and make connections.
  • Our network of 11,000+ alumni (including our new Young Alumni Committee) helps you with a soft landing once you decide on that what and where of your first job.

Our Eminent Faculty: Teachers First

Our faculty are eminent scholars and passionate teachers who are first and foremost teachers. (We wouldn’t hire them unless they had a demonstrated commitment to teaching — no ivory-tower thinkers here.). They include:

  • the most influential person in legal education
  • one of the top cited tax experts in the nation
  • a former Iraqi ambassador to the U.N.
  • a documentary filmmaker and human rights expert
  • an award-winning legal historian
  • an expert on the Indian judicial system
  • two of the world's leading experts on cybersecurity and terrorism

Our Loyal Alumni

We have more than 11,000 living alumni, thousands of whom are active in the life of the law school. Among our more distinguished alumni are:

  • the chief justices of Indiana and Wisconsin
  • an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands
  • the provost of Indiana University Bloomington
  • Hillary Clinton's campaign treasurer
  • an award-winning Hollywood director
  • a U.S. Supreme Court justice
  • governors of Indiana and U.S. senators and representatives
  • the composer of "Star Dust" (written across the street from the school)
  • the 1940 U.S. presidential candidate

Join us!

Indiana Law isn't for everyone. Ours is a rigorous course of study. You'll be among the best and brightest law students in the country. You'll be challenged in ways you've never thought possible. But you'll do so in an environment where your colleagues support you, and where you'll be expected to do the same.

If this experience appeals to you, visit "How to Get In," and we'll get started.